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Fixing a Broken B2B Whitepaper (Part 1)

Posted by Edwin Tam on 20-Aug-2015 12:33:00

 B2B marketers love whitepapers.  

It’s the ultimate objective information source that helps your readers and enhances your business’s thought leadership. Best of all, it can be reused over and over, again and again – just email to a mailing list, direct to landing page and download whitepaper.

That’s great…until I open the whitepaper.

Too often, it’s a collection of drivel lashed by jargon – in short, useless.

And it could lead to mailing list un-subscriptions. Now that’s a shame if that happens to you, isn’t it? 

How Do I Make a Whitepaper?

It’s really not that tough. All you need is purpose, facts, organisation and storytelling; mix them up; and serve whole. To make things easier, I’ve distilled them down into five distinct areas:

  1.        Whitepaper Purpose & Topics
  2.        Get Your Facts & Proofs
  3.        Organise Your Whitepaper
  4.        Write, Revise & Edit
  5.        Graphics & Diagrams

For graphically-minded people, here's the process 

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More Than Just Email Marketing: Are You Doing It?

Posted by Krystal Santa Maria on 19-Aug-2015 16:38:00

Put your hands up if you are a marketer, and you fixate over every single detail of the e-mail before it goes out. From the subject line to body copy, from the eDM visual to the call to action (CTA) button.

Marketers are guilty of that fixation over details, ever so eager to cram informational messages into the e-mail thus rendering it rather dull. They often forget that the e-mail is only the first click in the subscriber’s journey. The journey of an email recipient does not end at your e-mail, it merely begins. The e-mail should be part of a series of interactions you have with your recipients.

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3 questions to ask your digital agency before hitting send on your email campaign

Posted by Charanjit Singh on 19-Aug-2015 13:44:00

So you’ve invested time and money into preparing a great piece of content for your prospects to download and you’re ready to send out an email to all the prospects in your list… inviting everyone to come and get it while its hot. 


But wait...

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Is Google Analytics Set Up Correctly?

Posted by Nai Chng on 06-Jul-2015 17:05:00

Installing and configure Google Analytics is part of every developers job these days. Here’s a click checklist to make sure you’re not missing out any important information or making any serious mistakes.

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7 Ways To Improve Conversions On Your Website

Posted by Nai Chng on 05-Jun-2015 16:58:00

It's 2015 and the company website continues to be the most important yet overlooked marketing tool in the organisation. This is particularly true for many SME's in Singapore engaging in B2B businesses typically in niche industries. I'm talking about businesses that have been around for over 10 years, pre-internet era brick and mortar type businesses.

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Our first big marketing award win – Effies 2014

Posted by Charanjit Singh on 18-Sep-2014 16:50:00

Hailed as the Oscars of the marketing world, the Effie Awards, presented by IAS, it is one of the leading global awards honouring excellence and effectiveness in marketing communications and advertising.

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Yahoo reusing old email addresses

Posted by Dave Teo on 19-Jun-2013 16:49:00

This is probably old news to some of you who might  already know about Yahoo’s latest bad idea.. but I’m surprised that this news didn’t receive as much attention as it should have.

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Why Facebook Apps Matter with the New Timeline

Posted by Charanjit Singh on 30-Aug-2012 16:22:00

Facebook's new timeline for fan pages rolled out on 31st March 2012. You're already familiar with this from your personal Facebook page so it can be easy to take for granted the implications this will have on your campaign ideas.

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4 Resources to Get Started with Responsive Web Design

Posted by Alfred Lee on 17-Aug-2012 16:06:00

Alfred talked about Responsive web design in an earlier article and since then we’ve been having lots of fun with Responsive web designs on our projects. Today we thought it might be useful to share some of the resources that we used to get us started on our responsive design journey.

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Whither Facebook’s IPO

Posted by Charanjit Singh on 20-Mar-2012 16:10:00

Here’s an excerpt of an article Charan wrote about the Facebook IPO, in which he considers if Facebook will ever be bigger than Google and dominate the online advertising market.

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