How Google Determines Where To Rank Your Website

When a search is conducted, Google will crawl through bounteous amount of content on the internet for two things:

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4 Page Title Tips to Rank Higher on Google

In a webpage, the page title appears when it is opened in a tab and often not visibile to visitors when they are browsing through the page. However, it is apparent in two important places:

  • In search results, as a blue clickable link.
  • On social sites like Facebook, when a person shares or likes a link.
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4 Reasons Why Your Email Unsubscribe Rate Is High

A high unsubscribe rate is a warning sign that something might be amiss in your email marketing. But first, how high is high? Generally speaking, if you consistently get an unsubscribe rate of above 2%1, you might be doing something wrong. Here are some areas that might shed some light as to why your email unsubscribe rate is high.

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Who is Winning Singapore #GE2015 on Instagram?

It always starts with an interesting question.

For Singapore's #GE2015/rally/"chut" pattern*/election, it was:

"Who's winning the election
on Instagram?" 


And that question stemmed from kopi-O discussion:

"Dey, did you know that our politicians are more active on Instagram than Twitter?" 


It turned into a post by our friends at One Fifty Seven (Will Instagram displace Twitter as the choice of candidates?). And since Twitter mentions and Facebook posts and shares were covered by Social Media gurus and local dailies, I decided to take the not-so-trodden path to find what and where people are saying on Instagram.

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Part 3 of Social Media Turf War for #GE2015 Singapore: Who Wins?

This post concludes our Social Media series of the contesting parties for Singapore's GE2015. If you've missed out the first two posts, here are the links to it:

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We're calling the #GE2015 election

We teamed up with onefivesevenSG to figure out what social media is saying about the election results.

We scrambled all day to pore through heaps of social media data and prepare the artwork with our friends over at onefivesevenSG. Then late this evening it dawned on us that publishing polling data is illegal in Singapore. 

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Part 2 of Social Media Turf War for #GE2015 Singapore: Who Wins?

Yesterday, we showed you the top four fiercely contested GRCs and SMCs that are on Social Media.

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Social Media Turf War for #GE2015 Singapore: Who Wins?

Singapore General Election 2011 was a rock-on, hard-on, hotly contested election which pushed the incumbent political party to its limits. It also served them notice of Social Media's existance – when Facebook and Twitter became the wellspring (and some might say “more trusted source”) of election news.

Four years later and one election wiser, the ruling party and the opposition have been climbing onto the Social Media bandwagon. They’ve been posting thoughts, updates and Wefies on Singapore’s three major channels -- Facebook, Twitter and, increasingly, Instagram -- to great effect and greater fanbase. 

Given their now proliferate social media presences, we wondered:

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GE2015: List of all Social Media Accounts of Contesting Political Candidates

Election fever is upon us once again. We've compiled a full list of social media accounts for all the political parties and their contesting candidates. All their Facebook and Twitter accounts in one handy list.


There was an error with Paul Tambyah Facebook Followers. This has since been updated.

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Why Email Marketing is Effective?

Email has long been a core component if not the cornerstone of marketing campaigns, one that performs better than social media and other channels. It is the most personal and transactional medium, is far less intrusive than SMS. It is six times more effective than social media, Adweek reports.

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